Sunday, March 26, 2017

Becoming A Woman of God

There have been several times in my life where God has shown me who He truly wants me to be. That is a woman of God. I've caught a glimpse of it throughout Young Women's, my mission, Relief Society, etc. One of the best ways to find out what kind of woman He wants me to be is through trials! All of my trials, whether big or small, have led me on the path that my Heavenly Father has made for me. God was shaping me into the person He has always imagined, whether I was aware of it or not.

Ladies! Becoming a woman of God is a life-long process! Sometimes we are impatient with ourselves because we want to meet that goal this very instant! I have plenty of days where I beat myself up and feel that I am not reaching my potential. There are days where I don't always see the progress I desire, so I say, "Why am I even trying? Why are my results not coming!" When I am in this mindset, I soon realize that I just let Satan walk right into my life. I opened the door for him and basically welcomed him in. These thoughts are from him, hands down! Why? Because God wouldn't even think to say those things to His daughters. He would encourage, uplift, inspire, and most importantly, bring peace to our souls.

In a recent Institute class, our focus was on a talk given by Richard G. Scott called, "The Transforming Power of Faith and Character". There was one statement that stood out from all the others. It said, "Righteous character is a precious manifestation of what you are becoming." Heavenly Father spoke to me right after I read that. In order to become the woman He wants me to be, I have to do the things that will bring me closer to Him. I like to go to the basics. When we are praying, reading scriptures, attending church, we can receive some of the deepest revelation Heavenly Father has for us that we could not receive any other way. Personally, I believe that. I'd like to thrown in temple attendance as well. These basic, not easy, things allow us to receive revelation that will bring us one step closer to reaching our potential. How blessed we are to have access to revelation in so many ways! When I am doing the things that will help me progress spiritually, Heavenly Father and I are on the same page. We can rock and roll! I have His back, and He has mine. I am able to see what He has in store for me!

The key is to NOT STOP. We need to keep going! If we stop, so does our progression. I want to emphasize the feeling we receive when we are becoming a woman of God. It is a feeling like no other... well, maybe for me. I receive an overwhelming feeling of JOY. Goosebumps run up and down my body. My heart is full of peace and may just BURST. These feelings are a reminder of how far I have come. They let me know that I am on the right path, going the right direction. Heavenly Father sends me these feelings to show that I am doing my best and He is pleased. That I am not a failure. Most of all, it is a reminder of Heavenly Father's unconditional love for me. Never forget how much He loves us. WE GOT THIS, LADIES!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Light at The End of the Tunnel

I absolutely LOVE this concept!

If this doesn't give you hope, I don't know what would! (Wait... probably many other things... haha!)

There are times in our lives where it may seem as though progress isn't being made. It just feels as if we are moving one step forward, and taking TEN steps back. That we're walking in circles endlessly. Mistakes have been made. Disappointments have come. Dark days have made their presence. Being hard on ourselves is just the beginning. 

In these moments, we are given reminders and experiences that lead us closer to the light. Step by step. Think about the times when things started to turn around. When you started to believe that it wasn't the end. Where a glimpse of hope became clear. What emotions came over you? What was going through your mind? What changed? 

I have experienced dark times. Times where everything seemed to be falling apart. Times where I hit my lowest and could barely get up. Times where I could barely keep my head held high. Times where my heart was so broken that life seemed unbearable. Times where I shouted to God, "What is going on?" or "Why is this happening to me, especially now!". When these questions are asked, sometimes even demanded, God answers me with this: 
     "Girl, first of all, calm down. Do you realize who created you? Do you realize what you are capable of? Can you even comprehend how much love I have for you? I'm right here. I always have been. Come to me and see what I can do. Trust that I know what I am doing. Take a step into the darkness and that is when light will come."


     Tender mercies are real and they are for each and every one of us. Tender mercies and miracles are evidence of our love from our Heavenly Father, which is unconditional. They allow us to remember why dark times are necessary for our growth and spiritual progression. They prepare us for our future trials. You're ready for what comes next. Then, before you know it, you're at the end of the tunnel where light is waiting for you. You made it. How glorious of a feeling that is. 

D&C 104:82
Psalms 30:5 👀😃

Becoming A Woman of God

There have been several times in my life where God has shown me who He truly wants me to be. That is a woman of God. I've caught a g...